The SongFinder is specifically designed for birders who suffer from moderate to severe high frequency hearing loss in the 3,000 Hz to 10,000 Hz frequency range. Birds that sing in this range include many warblers and sparrows, along with waxwings, creepers, various flycatchers, and numerous other birds. Fully half of all songbirds have songs that fall above 3,000 Hz!

The SongFinder includes three "divide-by" settings: 1/2, 1/3, and 1/4. For most users, the 1/2 setting is adequate to bring back most of the midrange bird songs that occur in the 3,000 Hz to 6,000 Hz range, while settings of 1/3 and 1/4 are used periodically to scan the surroundings for those species whose songs approach 8,000-10,000 Hz.

A user-selectable high pass input filter is also included, which regulates the frequency at which the SongFinder becomes responsive to high-pitched songs (thus minimizing responsiveness to sounds the user can hear just fine without the device). These settings are 2500 Hz, 3500 Hz, and 4500 Hz (corresponding to the L, M, and H settings on the unit).

The SongFinder has been thoroughly field tested and it has proven itself to be far superior to conventional hearing aids in bringing back the bird songs for most users who are high frequency deaf. In addition, the custom-made binaural headset allows for accurate determination of directions and distances of singing birds. The headset fits lightly on the ears and does not obstruct normal hearing.

SPECIFICATIONS (subject to change without notice):

Format: A 16-bit digital signal processing device
Frequency Range: From about 2,000 Hz to 20,000 Hz (depends on input filter setting)
High Pass Input Filter: User-selectable at 2000 Hz, 3500 Hz, and 4500 Hz
Frequency Division: User-selectable at 1/2, 1/3, or 1/4
Balance Control: Allows user to fine tune directionality provided by the binaural headset
Amplification of Pitch-lowered Songs: Up to about 15-20 decibels
Power Source: Two 1.2v or 1.5v AA batteries
Run Time: Approximately 20 hours
Dimensions: 2.75" X 1.00" X 5"
Weight: 10 ounces with headset
Supplied Accessories: Binaural headset fitted with full range condenser microphones, users manual, balance adjustment tool, and cable collar clip

USER'S MANUAL: click here to download PDF version of User's Manual


One-year parts and labor warranty on the SongFinder processor unit. 90-day parts and labor warranty on the headset. 14-day trial period during which unit may be returned for full refund (trial period lasts from day of receipt to day of shipping back; customer to pay shipping both ways). If a unit is defective, customer pays shipping back and manufacturer pays to ship a new or repaired unit to customer.